Transform Your Patio from Plain to Paradise

Transform Your Patio from Plain to Paradise

You may not be able to spend your summer in the tropics, but you can bring a little bit of that paradise to your backyard with these simple steps. Transform your patio from plain to paradise with a few clever ideas and some new furniture pieces! A patio is a great place to relax outside, but it doesn’t have to be plain. You can turn your ordinary patio into an outdoor oasis with some effort and creativity. There are many ways you can transform your space from simple to extraordinary, all with the help of plants! Check out these tips for transforming your patio into paradise!

Get Rid of the Old Furniture

Replace the old furniture with something new. You don’t need a brand-new patio set to make your space feel fresh and new. Consider adding some colorful outdoor furniture or an accent piece that will draw the eye in different directions. For example, add a swivel chair for your porch swing or cozy area rugs to make your outdoor space feel more like a living room. You can also update only a few key pieces to make a big difference.

Create Your Own Outdoor Living Space

How can you create an inviting outdoor living space? Start inside the house! Give your patio some new life by starting with your favorite pillow or rug from indoors. Add throw pillows, set up a coffee table complete with books and magazines for guests to enjoy, or add a new rug for a pop of color. You can also use the old rug in a new way by turning it into an outdoor rug to keep your feet warm and dry. Also, by changing the upholstery of the old lounge furniture and keeping it outside for the winter months, you can make it feel like a new piece of furniture by adding throw pillows and coordinating any other accessories.

Lighting is the Key

You will also need to adjust your outdoor lighting if you want an inviting space. Make sure that there is enough light at night so people don’t trip on anything or stub their toes in the dark. You can make your space inviting by adding a string of lights or candles to create ambiance. You can also add light fixtures that are under the eaves where you want more lighting, such as over an outdoor eating area.

Water is Another Essential Element

If there’s one thing you should never be without on any patio (indoor or out), it’s water. You don’t have to be a master gardener or landscape designer to make your patio garden look beautiful and inviting with the right plants, flowers, rocks, driftwood pieces, and other decors you pick up from local vendors. The best and creative Outdoor decorating ideas with water include a small fountain, tabletop water features, or an outdoor kitchen and bar with fountains. A lush, green lawn is one of the most attractive things about any home. A water fountain and green lush grass can make your outdoor space look amazing.

Transform Your Patio to Paradise

The Right Plants for the Area

Plants are an essential part of any patio transformation, so choose wisely! Consider what you would like to see on your new porch and select plants that will complement it. Do you want lots of colors? A beautiful flower garden? Something with height or something more low-maintenance? The right choice will really make or break your space. There are so many plants to choose from that you will surely be able to find the perfect one for any area of your property. A few good choices include:

  • Bird of Paradise 
  • Bougainvillea 
  • Cypress trees  –
  • Forsythia

The Right Materials and right plants are the keys to transforming a patio.

Making it Your Own Space

A patio is a great place to bring the outdoors in. Take time to make your space as cozy and inviting as possible. If you work outside of the home or just love spending time on the porch, then this should be an easy project for you! Make a bowed corner for yourself by hanging a hammock and cover it with Persian rugs and put some tribal cushions or pillows. Add a few pots with Hibiscus plants and you will have the perfect place to read, drink coffee or just relax at any time of day!

Add Plants and Flowers

If you’re looking to get even more creative, take your green thumb out of the house and bring it outdoors! Plant some flowers or a patio herb garden that will not only create an oasis but also give you fresh produce year-round. Add plants to change up the focal point of your patio. Flower pots in many colorful hues make a great addition to any outdoor space.

Adding Potted Plants

An urn or simple metal planter can be used as a focal point on your patio. Place it in a corner of the porch and fill it with flowers, herbs, or even some vegetables for an edible garden! There are many different styles that you could choose from so find what works for your needs. Hanging plant baskets are a good choice for patios with little sun. Just a few plants can make all the difference to your space! Bring it from plain to paradise by adding some greenery, flowers, and color!

Get Creative with Materials

How do you make your outdoor space more inviting? One way is to use a variety of materials. You could try adding outdoor furniture such as a patio table with chairs or an Adirondack chair for extra seating options. For planting areas, you can create interest by using pavers in different sizes and textures. By using natural wooden accents, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Be Creative with Pathways

The pathways in the lawn are just as important as the planting areas. They can set the mood for your outdoor space, so they’re worth considering when you start to plan out what you want in your backyard oasis. You could use a simple stone pathway that’s easy to maintain or create a winding brick path with borders of flowers and shrubs on either side.  Using the wooden texture tiles for your outdoor space can make for a backyard that feels like it’s straight out of an English garden. The best thing you’ll find in these tiles is the varying patterns, so no matter what design you choose to use, they will create interest and beauty. You could also pave areas with different textures to break up the monotony of a flat surface.

In a Nutshell

Transform your patio from plain to paradise by using indoor and outdoor rugs. RugKnots has beautiful, stylish area rug options for any budget or size of space. They have a wide variety of patterns and textures that will help you find the perfect look to match your home’s design style. Shop online today!


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