What Kind Of Precautions You Should Take For The Installation Of AC

What Kind Of Precautions You Should Take For The Installation Of AC

Now that you have bought a new air conditioner for your home or living room. You have installed the appliance and need to investigate if it is working in fine condition. Like others, you will only get satisfaction if you find that it is giving the proper cooling to your space.

You have bought the 5-star rating air conditioner from a reputed company and you await that it works in its best condition, is energy-efficient, and will have a less maintenance life. But this keenness will not last for long.

What is the issue that you face post the installation process? It may be due to poor installation practices or bad post service or maybe the maintenance. In this post, you will get to know about some important things that should be taken care of when doing the installation and service of the appliance.

How do the right selection of location? 

Generally, the customer does not have any fair idea of which location will serve the best for the installation of the air conditioner. As a result, the consumer goes with the suggestion or advice of the installation expert and tends to follow their guidelines.

You need to know that an expert has well knowledge about the location and you should always discuss the ducted air conditioning Sydney installation requirements from the technicians.

What are the important points to keep in mind? 

About Window AC

  1. When we talk about window AC, it should be always installed on the window top so that the heavy cool air settles in the downward position and better creates its own cool airflow cycle. If the opening is there in the wall for the installation process, you can choose the same location.
  2. The dimensions of the window are 1.5 T AC is 660×430 mm and the depth can vary from 700 to 780 according to the star rating which adds up the further volume to the condenser by expanding the depth.

Below the 1.5 T, there are some brands that maintain the dimensions of the window while other work on the other factor of reducing the size.

If such a case occurs, you should first do the execution of window modifications by inserting any wooden panel so that the scaling is done perfectly on each side.

  1. The efficiency of the condenser may get affected if the gap is not perfect as suggested by the manufacturer. Check out the gap requirement of different brands when preparing for the installation and don’t make the mistake of avoiding it.
  2. Don’t let the fall of direct sunlight on the condenser as it will affect the efficiency of the condenser during the hot season and the cooling will not be proper.

Split AC 

In the case of a split air conditioner, you need to identify the best location for both the indoor and outdoor units. Have a look at the list of the preferred location!

  1. The appliance should be easily cordial from the balcony, window, or surface platform so that the cleaning and servicing can be done easily. Just make sure that no direct sunlight falls on the outdoor unit or affects the condenser performance.
  2. Next thing is that you consult the installation technician and perfectly maintain the gap between the wall and the outdoor unit associated with the condenser fan. The mounting of the indoor unit should be on the wall so that the airflow restricts the main door direction but away. In another case, the leakage of cold air from the room will get expanded.

Checking and measurement

When you are done with the installation, the next thing is to check the input voltage, the current taken by the machine during the running condition of the compressor, and when not. The last thing to check is the temperature at the suction side and the outflow side.

You need to keep a record of the measurements which will help in assessing the next service schedule. All these parameter records will help a consumer to know about the appliance’s efficiency.

Maintenance of appliance 

We all know that the air conditioning Sydney unit requires regular maintenance for the cleaning; you should also check the current it draws to know about the location of gas pressure. When the maintenance is poor, the result would be less cooling and more consumption of electricity.

Need of observant during AC service 

When hiring a technician for the maintenance, you should keep a check on the cleaning work to make sure that the coil cleaning is being done at its best.

The expert person should follow the right cleaning standards and the observation you have made related to the measurements done before. There is no inhibitory maintenance schedule for the air conditioning unit except the cleaning. Be careful when you are hiring one!

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