Why Do We Need to Use Tile Bond To Lay Tiles

Why Do We Need to Use Tile Bond To Lay Tiles

Tile bond is pre-mixed and precisely manufactured from OPC, fine sand, and additives to optimise its vital qualities for tile installation.

High-performance tile bond can place tiles over existing tiles, polished cement, wooden substrates, and other substrates.

While the glue is quite potent when used to keep bricks together, it does not work well to lay tiles. After a few years, tiles frequently get loose and, in some circumstances, fall out.

Therefore, a proper tile bond is essential to lay tiles. It can keep the tiles firmly in place for decades, making it highly dependable for wall tile installation.

Let Us Understand Tile Bond

Tile Adhesive is a carefully developed dry-powdered waterproofing chemical combined with latex ingredient that makes a uniform paste for trouble-free tile installation.

Several varieties of Tile-Adhesives are on the market, each with a unique composition and quality based on its components and manufacturing technique.

The selection of high-quality raw materials is also an essential aspect of the production process for tile adhesives. As a result, manufacturers only use the best quality aggregates, polymers, and cement to produce tile adhesives in order to meet various application demands.

Importance of Tile Bond

The optimal setting time of tile adhesive enables tiles to be readily altered within a specific time frame. It ensures that tiles are put in a straight line and provides an appealing final appearance.

Applying tile glue using a notched trowel ensures complete coverage on the back of the tiles. It eliminates several problems such as fractured tiles, especially in corners, water seepage, and staining or efflorescence. Complete contact between the adhesive on the back of the tiles and the substrate ensures excellent bonding strength and long-lasting tiling work.

When it comes to cement mixture, it requires expertise. While tile installation necessitates several ingredients, it is essential to mix the proper proportions of the cement mixture precisely. It’s not simple, and it takes a long time. However, Tile Adhesive, specifically designed for this purpose, comes prepared with the right ingredients in the package. This way, it saves a significant amount of time and labour.

Material Use

Laying tiles with a notched trowel and tile glue uses less material. The adhesive layer is much thinner than the sand-cement combination, reducing stress on the building structure. A high-quality tile adhesive is a pre-mixed cement-based powder that is simple to apply and does not require curing. Also, it eliminates the need for curing and saves time while tiling.

The cement particles are pretty large, making it difficult to apply uniformly. As a result, a hollow gap is typically left under a tile, causing a strange sound when you tread on it. But the sound isn’t the only issue. Because of the hollow gap, the tile is prone to breaking if we put heavy furniture or intricate objects on it. On the other hand, Tile adhesive is excellent and can be applied uniformly.

Tile adhesives are ideal for laying tiles, glass mosaics, polished substrates, large size granito (up to 60 x 60 cm), and drywall systems. Also, laying tiles are applicable for long-term solutions without removing them on external areas such as parking lots, industrial areas, water fountains, and many more.

In a nutshell, the significance of tile adhesives-

  1. Quick and effective
  2. Simple to use; combine with water.
  3. increased bonding strength
  4. Applicable to existing tiles and various specific substrates such as polished cement, drywall systems, and so on.
  5. thinner layer
  6. It has good adherence due to its minimal shrinking.
  7. Adaptable in terms of thermal and physical motions.
  8. It needs practically minimal curing and no mechanical or hacking of the surface.
  9. The flooring where tile glue applies is only useable after 24 hours.
  10. There is no need for a backing surface or soaking of any tile.

Final Words

There are hundreds of tile adhesive kinds on the market today, each of which differs based on the use. There will be a different recipe, various mix ratios, and a variable quality of ingredients for each of these.

Tile adhesives are essential for attaching your tiles to the surface. Finding the correct tiles for your floor, on the other hand, can help you finish your job effectively when shopping for flooring materials.

Tile adhesives have greatly improved in recent years. A good floor tiling technique will hold your tiles for a long time, whether you use mastics, thin mortar, epoxy, or latex adhesives. For best results, always concern professional tile bond manufacturers in Pakistan just like Ressichem. Ressichem takes excellent care in the manufacture of tile adhesives and grouts. Their materials’ application is as simple as possible, improving the adhesion between the tile and the surface it is adhered to.


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