Top 10 Best Jobs for 50-Year-Olds

Top 10 Best Jobs for 50-Year-Olds

Want to start your 2nd innings with an ideal job available in the US? Often, people cannot fulfill their dreams of working when they are young. But, they can start their career after their 50s. By the time an individual reaches his/her 50s, they are quite stable financially and there are not many responsibilities at home. It is actually the best time when job seekers can experiment and explore their lives.

There might be some people who want to change their careers due to monotony. Working in the same profession for 25-30 years might lead to boredom. A new career is like opening up a new dimension where you will be recharged. The job seekers with their already existing skills can lookout for new jobs and find the ideal job for them. Below are the 10 best jobs for people over 50.

Medical Records Technician

The primary duty is to manage the health of the patients in paper filing systems and digital databases. You have to learn classification systems, code the records of the patients, and keep a note of the medical histories. Those who want to start with becoming a technician must have a high school diploma degree and finish a post-secondary health information program. The files of the patients are quite sensitive so a person with a strong sense of confidentiality is ideal for the job. The average salary might vary from $13-$14 per hour.

Motor Vehicle Operators

This profession is one such where workers over 50 years are well aware of and are prepared. As a motor vehicle operator, you can drive an ambulance, bus, sales, heavy or tractor-trailer truck, light truck or delivery services, taxi, or chauffeur. A school diploma and a few months of training is all you need to get the job. The average wage can vary from $16-$17 per hour.

Graphic Artist

It may happen that when you were young, you were not able to pursue your passion for art. With the increasing use of technology and visual arts, you can think of pursuing your old passion again. You can start working as a graphic artist, be it sketch or digital. So many ads, books, and posters now demand designs, so you can take advantage.

Financial Specialities

If you have an interest in finances then you have a wide variety of ideal jobs available in the US. Some of them are budget analysts, financial analysts, appraisers, and assessors of real estate, insurance underwriters, credit counselors, tax preparers, or loan officers. For these roles, you will need a bachelor’s degree, but some companies might want a master’s degree or post-bachelor’s certificate.


You can consider becoming a professor as teaching is a noble profession. As a professor, you can earn a handsome sum of money along with getting a lot of respect. If you think you are an expert in a subject, teaching can be a great option for you. It is not a strenuous job like the corporate ones, in fact sharing your own experiences with the students can be a learning process. There is always a huge requirement for good teachers, so you can grab your chance now.

Mail carrier

The usual task of the mail carriers is to deliver the letters and packages on a given delivery route. They need to sort and prepare mail, along with collecting outgoing deliveries along their path. Some special deliveries need signatures, so you are responsible for collecting the signatures. They can get a salary of around $19-$20 per hour in the USA. A high school diploma is a must along with a background check and a valid driving license.


A writer is responsible for creating content for books, newspapers, magazines, websites, TV, movies, or any other media. Your job search at the age of 50 might include your interests which will help you to get going. The writers need to research and find topics to write about, but must also collect feedback from the editors or clients. A bachelor’s degree in English or communications, with some good writing skills, will help you to land a job as a writer. You can work as a freelancer and can earn around $24-$25.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists use massage techniques to treat injuries, increase circulation, help with relaxation, and improve wellness. They create customized treatment plans for their clients to discuss symptoms and set healing intentions. If you want to become a massage therapist, you have to complete a post-secondary program, which requires 500 to 1,000 hours of study. You might also need a CPR certification and a massage therapist license to earn approximately $28.

Travel Guide

If you’re someone who loves traveling a lot and trying out new cuisines, then travel jobs are ideal for you. You can change your hobby into one of the best jobs currently available in the US. You can write books, write blogs, or share your research and experience with various travel magazines and sites. While people out there are living hectic lifestyles, you can enjoy your job along with earning a good amount. Get your chance of becoming a travel guide and design the trip for your clients.

Real Estate Agent

The real estate agents are responsible for assisting their clients with buying, selling, and renting property. You have to create and publish listings for clients who want to sell or rent out real estate. The agents need to arrange open houses and negotiate with potential buyers to complete sales. The clients can find properties that meet their needs with the help of real estate agents. A high school diploma and complete real estate pre-licensing courses can help you to earn around $88,500 per year.

Final words

It is never too late to start off with your career even at the age of 50. You can only be happy if you do something that you love. There are lots of opportunities, but you need to work towards them to get the best jobs in Barstow CA.



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