Possible Measures to Prevent Rack Damage at the Warehouse

Possible Measures to Prevent Rack Damage at the Warehouse

Warehouse racking systems are significant to store items in the warehouse. These equipment should not be damaged at all to reduce the inventory fallouts or other accidents. Now and then, purchasing racks is not possible. It requires investment and time to replace the previous shelves. 

What if some measures are taken to prevent the damage to racks? Yes, indeed, this is possible. It will bring forth many advantages for the warehouse and business goals. 

In this blog, we will highlight some measures to prevent damage to warehouse racks and material handling automation.   

Making use of flawed racking systems could bring about serious issues at the warehouse. But having a proper warehouse management software could help eradicate this issue. By using this software, it would be easier to streamline warehouse activities and working procedures. 

Know all of the inventory details accurately in a single dashboard. There is no need to count the inventory one by one. Only those racks will be utilized which are required as per inventory amount. This would not occupy extra space in the warehouse. Workers will tend to work freely and effectively.   

  • Install Racking Protectors

Racks at your warehouse could have signs of wear and tear with time. These could bear the load but to a certain limit. Just put the weight on the racks according to their capacity. Moreover, to minimize the damage to racks, it is better to install racking protectors. These protectors could significantly reduce the damage to containers. 

It will minimize downtime and need to repair the equipment again and again. In this way, the requirement to replace the current supporting structures and shelves in the warehouse will be diminished. Hence, use this protection and prevent working on faulty racks. 

  • Conduct Training Sessions

These are the workers who have to place and pick the materials from the shelves. Using the flawed tools and containers could make them injured. There could be accidents and oftentimes, it has been observed that racks fell on the employees. To avoid such mishappenings, it is better to train employees. 

It is the duty of warehouse managers to guide the workers well to work on the racking and other equipment. Through training sessions, they should be given proper information on using warehouse racks. All the workers should be on the same page when it comes to using shelves at the workplace. 

  • Less Human Involvement

Another preventive measure to minimize damage to containers holding items is to reduce workers’ involvement in moving products. What it means is that you need to automate the picking up and dropping items in the facility. Adopting automated storage and retrieval systems and goods to person systems can make this possible. 

With the help of a warehouse control software, required items will be automatically placed at pick stations. Workers will just collect the items from there. In this manner, right orders will be delivered accurately. So, with less workers’ participation in carrying the products in and out, there would be less damage to the shelves.

  • Rack Repair Kit

What if there is a defective racking system? An appropriate solution to overcome this issue is to have a rack repair kit. Replacing the rack might not be the only solution. Keeping a rack repair kit with you will save you from multiple hazards. 

You could repair the damage without replacing them. Carry out the activities like you used to conduct before. It is sort of an investment, helping you out to minimize the number of accidents at the workspace. 

Final Word

Surely, you would implement these measures to prevent damage to the warehouse racking systems. MWI Solutions could be your stop to have a top-performing warehouse management solution. 


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