4 Easy Steps to Prepare for a One Line Audition

4 Easy Steps to Prepare for a One Line Audition

In reality, one-line auditions can be so tricky for everyone. Especially beginners who are going for the auditions may have to face trouble for one line audition. These auditions are tricky because there are some big traps that you may have to experience. However, you don’t need to waste extra time in the preparation to memorize lines and dialogues.

Usually, roles up to 5 lines (including 1 and 2 lines) are known as “Co-star” roles in the film industry. Honestly, these roles may be challenging because you have to perform an awesome performance without enormous any small parts and overdoing it. Here are some ideas to prepare for a one-line audition:

Don’t overplay

If you are going for a one-line audition, make sure not to overplay. In other words, actors always know when to cry, sad, happy, and stop. Hence, you have to keep remembering this thing in your mind. When you reach the audition, try to be a real person in front of the judges. Judges are always like those individuals who deliver realistic performances on the stage. However, you can also join the top acting school in Delhi to learn more skills in acting.

Perform subtle action before two or three seconds of the line

This task is also known as “Button”. In other words, you have to do some subtle activities two or three minutes before starting your line. It is so important for those who are going for one-line auditions. However, your dialogues and lines should be clear so that judges can be impressed with your performance.

Don’t concentrate on wardrobe & costumes

When you are performing on the stage, you need to focus on your acting only. While performing, you have to avoid concentration on wardrobe and costumes. Remember, judges will not notice your dress or costume. They will observe your acting skills and talent. Also, selection will be done through your actions rather than costumes.

Select five emotions and practice each of them with one line

It is also an important thing for individuals. First of all, you need to choose five kinds of emotions. Now, perform each emotion with one line 10 times. Practice each of the emotions with your line to avoid hesitation. In this way, you can deliver a confident and best performance on the stage. Five emotions can be angry, excited, happy, sad, and bored. However, you can choose as per your suitability.


Indeed, acting is a very big platform and there are several things to learn in the film industry. Usually, individuals can choose to act as a carrier but they have to work hard for it. Audition (one or two lines) is a primary step to being an actor/actress. If the judges are impressed with your performance, it means you are on the right track. It shows that you can be an actor/actress. If you want to prepare for one line audition, don’t forget to remember the above important ideas. These ideas may help you to pass out the audition.

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