Awning Or Pergola? The Best Option For Your Terrace

Awning Or Pergola? The Best Option For Your Terrace

Have you always wanted to install a solution that protects your terrace from solar radiation and inclement weather? Have you stayed in the debate between putting an awning or a pergola at home and you see that you are not moving forward? Stop putting it off! In this post, we will tell you all the advantages and disadvantages that one system and another have so as not to die of heat in this intense summer. Don’t miss any details!

What Is The Best Time To Install An Awning Or A Pergola

Any season of the year is suitable for the installation of both an awning and a pergola, although spring and summer, due to the absence of rain, are usually the most popular dates for their installation. The months of May and June are the ideal ones, they have more hours of light to arrange the service with the installation company and it is not too hot yet so the demand for these services, in which we all fall when the heat strikes, is less. In addition, doing it in these months ensures that you can enjoy your awning or pergola throughout the entire hottest season.

Advantages Of Installing An Awning Or Pergola At Home


1. Advantages Of Installing Awnings At Home

  • Savings of up to 10% energy. A quality awning protects from the sun, rain, and wind (although if the conditions are very harsh, it is advisable to fold it). It also improves the air conditioning by preventing too much heat from entering the home and thereby favoring the reduction of the temperature.
  • Protect your outdoor furniture from UV exposure.
  • Avoid discoloration of furniture.
  • They are one more decorative element. There are so many types of tarps and styles that it will be difficult to decide, but they will help you to add a new touch to your patio or terrace.

2. Advantages Of Putting Up Pergolas

A pergola is the cheapest way to extend the space of your home by creating a unique environment outside.

  • Utility all year round. One of the biggest advantages that pergolas have is that you can use them in any season and, in fact, they resist the passage of time better.
  • Protects outdoor furniture, which is damaged a lot by heat or rain.
  • Pergolas provide greater privacy by creating a more intimate area in which to isolate yourself from prying eyes.
  • They are much more versatile than, for example, the installation of an enclosure… and cheaper than these.

What System To Choose?

Either of the two formulas will protect you from the sun and ultraviolet radiation and will add much to the creation of more comfortable space. However, for attics, whose terraces suffer more from gusts of wind, it is more advisable to install pergolas; while awnings are the best option for small and medium-sized terraces. If you have a patio or garden on the surface, either of the two systems will adapt to your needs, leaving the final decision more determined by budget and aesthetic issues.

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