Unique Packaging Features to Stand Out in the Market

Unique Packaging Features to Stand Out in the Market

All that work, all those long hours spent on perfecting every detail of your business—sometimes it can be for nothing. That’s right! Your brand could go unnoticed because the packaging is uninteresting, or there’s a spelling mistake in an email blast campaign you thought was ready to send out this morning.

You might not know what makes someone stop and read through something but believe me when I say it: if they don’t catch their attention from the first few seconds, then they’re likely gone forever–and so are any prospects who weren’t paying close enough attention either.


If you want to succeed in today’s marketplace, it is imperative that your custom retail packaging be eye-catching and enticing. Consumers are making purchasing decisions at a moment’s notice, so they won’t take the time to scrutinize all of the information or compare prices; instead, their decision will come from whatever catches their attention first.


Today’s consumers have a lot on their minds, so it isn’t surprising that they might not read through every last detail of your packaging. If you’ve got less than 7 seconds to catch someone’s attention in the first place – and make them decide whether or not this is something they’re interested in buying- then all bets are off.


It seems like people who buy things these days don’t care about reading through details for hours before making up their minds; instead, what catches our eye influences us more heavily.



1. Choose Beguiling Color 


Choosing the best color for your product label can be overwhelming. There are so many different colors to choose from, and you want something that will perfectly suit your brand image while also standing out on a shelf or in an online listing.


Knowing what other brands have done is key: Simply analyzing their use of color, as well as considering how they vary from one another when it comes to hue (cool vs. warm), saturation level (vividness), and brightness levels, should give you some ideas about which direction may work best with your own company’s branding strategy.


Finding the perfect color for a product can be difficult. Too much of one specific hue often leads to confusion among consumers; they might not know what your company specializes in or how you are different from other companies making similar products. Consulting with an expert on packaging design before deciding which colors will work best is crucial when finding that balance between eye-catching and informative and comfortable for customers.

If you don’t want to get hit with a lawsuit, your labels must be visible and readable. If the text on your label is difficult to read, it could cause major problems for people in production or marketing where they need high accuracy standards from products.


 2. Confirm End-users to Avail of Secure Packaging 


One of the many benefits of CBD products is they are typically used and consumed directly by consumers. That makes it very important for their safety that purity isn’t compromised during production, packaging, or otherwise sold from any other competitor who has better security measures in place. If you don’t have protective packaging, but your competitors do, chances are good those consumer dollars will go elsewhere- with no risk to them whatsoever.


The proof is in the seal. Consumers want to know that manufacturers and retailers have appropriately handled their food, so they need to see tamperproof seals on products they buy before taking your profits home with you.


Protect your customer’s dollar and loyalty by using tamper-evident packaging. Consumers are more likely to buy items that have this feature, which is why it should be made visible so customers know they can trust the safety of their purchase.


Tamper-evident packaging is fantastic because it ensures the contents of a bag are intact and free from spillage. When opening up containers, nothing can be more discouraging than discovering that something has tipped over or spilled everywhere before you’ve even had time to use some of its content – especially if your carelessness caused this unfortunate result!

This type of package design prevents these sorts of situations by sealing in the product’s original quality with an airtight seal that cannot be broken without evidence left behind on either side.


A tamper-evident seal will make sure that nothing goes in or out of the package. That is an important safety feature for food, drink, and other perishable items.


3. Utilize a large enough label to fit everything.


Many people are interested in CBD and its benefits, but they don’t know that there is a slew of new rules about what’s required on the label. An expansive amount of information needed to be written out for each product, from contact info to warnings. StampaPrints break it down into manageable bits so you can get your business booming with compliant products.


When packing a lunch for your children, you want the process to be quick and easy. However, labeling each item can take time and leave some space on the container unused. However, using shrink sleeves labels allows everything to fit comfortably without any excess wasted space!

There will always be enough room for all your child’s favorite foods with these handy little stickers, including sandwiches, chips, or pretzels; fruit like applesauce cups or grapes in packs of six; juice boxes with straws available at our store too.


4. Create Sensible Packaging  


It’s nearly impossible to stand out in the world of competitive businesses, but there are some ways that you can make a name for yourself. One way would be through humor and creativity – if your customers find themselves laughing or engaged with your brand, they will remember it better than others down the line.


5. Exceptional Packaging Quality


The average consumer is more likely to purchase a product that has been well-packaged than one with poor packaging. They make the assumption of quality based on how attractive it appears from the outside. Most often, they are not disappointed when opening up their new products because what’s inside matches expectations set by the presentation.


The CBD industry is booming, with consumers being more and more health-conscience. And the last thing any of us want to do when we’re going for a soothing night’s sleep or trying out an oil product at home would be ingesting something that doesn’t work.


If you want your products to be the best, then invest in high-quality packaging. Don’t sacrifice success by shoving it into a cheap box and wrapping some string around it as if that’s going to do anything for customers other than making them wonder what they’re buying when they see something so lame.


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