South Goa Sightseeing Package

South Goa Sightseeing Package

South Goa sightseeing includes some of the most beautiful waterfalls, beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries in all of India. One such at Dudhsagar waterfall, which literally translates to “Sea of Milk ”! Situated in the state park Malgum National Park, it is surrounded by a multitude of creatures including many butterflies that make their home here as well as a variety of birds.

Another spectacular icon you can find in South Goa sightseeing are the white sand beaches in Colva. Many people, however, prefer to visit Butterfly beach instead because there have been untold amounts of speculation that Dolphin sightings at Butterfly Beach have almost become common! This can be attributed to the fact that they over-expose themselves due to dolphin entertainment parks nearby and people feeding them.

Along with all of these wonderful temples, Goa is popular for its coastal cities. Tourists can start the day visiting Vasco De Gama which is known for its museums and historic buildings. The city of Panjim will also showcase some cool architectural works along with military history.

A stop in Miramar should be made where you can see lovely gardens, parks, and beach areas. Another interesting place to stop by is Dona Paula as well since it has a few beaches that reside along the coast. After your tour through these cities, why don’t you take a trip along the Mandovi River surrounded by lush greeneries? This tour will give you time to reflect while away from the stress of everyday life.

Calangute to Miramar Beach:

Learning about Dayanand Bandodkar will make your visit to this beach even more special. The Samadhi of Dayanand Bandodkar is located on the beach and you can take a tour to learn about this much-revered hero who worked tirelessly for the people of Goa during his lifetime.

As a statue of Dayanand Bandodkar overlooks this holy ground,head out behind it to see what makes this place distinct from other local beaches. For those interested in dolphin spotting, no visit would be complete without visiting Miramar Beach nearby and going on an excursion where dolphins are the main attraction towards the end of December through March, but only if you’re lucky enough to find them.

Dona Paula:

The majestic bay stretches out before you, the placid water reflecting the serene atmosphere of the autumnal evening. The waves lapped gently against the sand, and the last train home was gone for what seemed like hours. This is Dona Paula, an exotic beach with a haunting history that can be found on Goa’s coast. A roaring sea and a seasonal climate help create a visually pleasing panorama perfect for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Water sports are available to those that bring their own equipment, or they can organize through local vendors on site. Who also offer bike rentals for longer explorations inland. For inventive shoppers looking for souvenirs both exquisite and affordable, vibrant markets selling herbal medicines and varyingly forged artwork are dotted around town; but if you want privacy away from others and just some time to relax in true Goan style – this is definitely one of the best places to do just that!

Bom Jesus of Basilica:

There are many churches in Goa, and I’ve visited a lot of them. And many of these seem to contain rather interesting Christian history and architecture. But when I visited the Basilica of Bom Jesus , it was absolutely different and special in every way. One of the most stunning aspects of this church is definitely the sight of St. Francis Xavier’s white casket. Which is preserved here like a reliquary amidst portraits or relics depicting his life that surround the impressive coffin at each angle so as to encourage reflection on a person’s life.

Furthermore, besides the beautiful designs on the stained glass windows visible through one’s surroundings inside the Basilica. There is also an impressive Victorian Chapel built for Xavier in 1887 with hand-carved wooden pillars (although I cannot confirm if it still remains standing as other photos I have seen showed work being done on it).


Originally built in the 16th Century AD, this is one of the largest churches in Goa. The church recently underwent a face-lift (and remodel) and now consists of several chapels separate from the main building.

An extraordinarily popular tourist attraction and landmark in Goa, the Church celebrates mass on a regular basis. But also periodically hosts cultural events like live concerts which attracts thousands of both local and international tourists. Who enjoy their offerings year-round.

Ranked as one of the most popular destinations in Goa for sightseeing. Travelers are sure to be impressed with its charming look. Lovely architecture, and a pleasant environment are guaranteed to make visiting all the more special.


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