Reasons to Start Using Castile Soaps

Reasons to Start Using Castile Soaps

Before talking about why you should be suing Castile soaps, let’s talk about what are these castle soaps. Castile soaps were first found and used in the Castile region of Spain.

This soap is not just any other natural soap because this soap is completely made of vegetable oil, taking these soaps to the next level of naturalness. These soaps are completely opposite to the mixture of detergents which we know as liquid soap.

Now that you have read about Castile soaps now let’s talk about why you should be using them daily.

Natural and Toxin-Free:

Most of the soaps that we use today contain harmful chemicals that hurt our health and the environment’s health. We are seeing many brands introducing natural soaps, but some of these brands are harming the image of natural soap but harming the image of Castile sop is hard.

The castile soap is completely manufactured by using vegetable oils like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and other essential oils, along with water. Studies proved that putting chemicals on the skin is worse than eating them.

When you put the chemical on hand, it is absorbed by the skin without going through any cleaning process that it has to get through before entering the digestive system. This causes chemicals to enter your primary bloodstream. Make sure that you buy these soaps from a reputable brand because some brands are copying this formula.

Organic and Vegan:

The Castile soaps are considered far superior to any other natural soaps, and ordinary soaps aren’t even in the race of natural soaps.

These soaps are entirely made of vegetable oil, making it easy for vegans to choose because vegans protest against the slaughtering of animals, and why would they use a soap made of animal fat.

Buy from a reputed brand in the market and read the wholesalesoap packaging before buying the soap. These brands offer certified vegan and organic soaps.

It Doesn’t Encourage Super Bacteria:

The liquid soaps have been promoted as an antibacterial soap from the time of their introduction, but they encourage hard to kill bugs. These soaps include a synthetic antibacterial ingredient known as triclosan.

Studies show that this chemical can affect the hormones and affect the health of pregnant women and cause problems like allergies and weight gain. On top of all this, the FDA also released a statement in which they said using antibacterial liquid soaps is nothing better than water use with simple soap.

What’s the point of spending extra money when the FDA has said that there is no difference? So the best option for you is the Castile soap to keep your skin germ-free.

Lathers Easily:

The only complaint by some users about natural soap is that it doesn’t create the desired amount of lather. This is because these soaps don’t use SLS chemical, whose primary function is to foam up.

There are thousands of studies out there proving that most people or animals exposed to this chemical experience eye damage, depression, skin infection, and diarrhea.

This is not the case with Castile soap because this soap doesn’t use this chemical, and thanks to the vegetable oils, it creates lather quickly compared to any natural soap out there.

Safe for Babies and Pets:

Because the Castile soaps only use natural ingredients and vegetable oil, it makes these soaps work exceptionally well for babies but make sure you keep the soap away from the eyes because these ops aren’t tear-free.

These soaps don’t use any artificial scent, which makes them easy to use on pets. Ensure that you check the ingredients used before buying the soap because some animals are allergic to essential oils.


These soaps are not only good for your skin and health, but they are also perfect for the environment because it is free from any artificial scents, detergents, chemicals, colors, and many more.

This means that when you wash your hands and water gets drained, it won’t hurt the living beings of the seas, and it won’t pollute the water. Because they are made of natural ingredients, this means these soaps are biodegradable.


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