Let’s See What Thailand is Famous For!

Let’s See What Thailand is Famous For!

The Kingdom of Thailand is famous for many things! Carpets, temples, and beaches to name a few. However, the one thing that Thailand is most famous for is its cuisine.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the traditional Thai foods and see how they differ from what we typically eat here in Canada. Hopefully, we can even figure out how to make some Thai food ourselves!

1) Tom Yum Goong:

This delicious soup is made up of broth with shrimp, lemongrass, garlic, kaffir lime leaves, tomatoes, and mushrooms which are boiled together until ready. Typically served in a bowl with rice noodles and lime. Tom Yum Goong is rich in flavor and has a lot of uses in Thai cooking.

2) Pad Thai:

Pad Thai is a dish that we’re all familiar with; we’ve eaten it countless times! However, the traditional way to make it is far less fancy than what we see on most Canadian restaurant menus. In Thailand the noodles are cooked by soaking them in water until soft, they’re then drained and cooked with tamarind pulp, fish sauce, dried shrimp and peanuts until soft again. The finished product is garnished with green onions and served with eggs and chopped roasted peanuts on top.

3) Khao Mun Gai:

A popular dish in Thailand that is also popular with the Thais in the Greater Toronto Area! It’s a sweet and savory dish that is made from chicken boiled with coconut milk, ginger, garlic cloves, and aromatic spices, served on a bed of rice and garnished with roasted peanuts.

4) Gai Pad Med Ma Muang:

Gai pad med ma Muang is a fried chicken dish made with Chinese-style sweet and sour sauce. Chicken breasts pieces are briefly fried before being sautéed together with sweet chili sauce, fish sauce, sugar, and lime juice. The finished product is served with steamed broccoli florets on the side.

5) Pla Pao:

Pla Pao is a popular Thai fish dish that is most often served in northern Thailand. As the name suggests it’s made with river fish which are smaller than sea fish. The fish are marinated in salt, sugar, and tamarind for at least half an hour before being deep-fried until crispy.

6) Gaeng Khua Yang:

Often considered the national dish of Thailand, gaeng khua yang is made by stewing chicken or lamb with galanga leaves until tender. Once cooked the curry paste is added to achieve the desired flavor. The finished product can either be served with jasmine rice or plain white rice depending on preference.

7) Pad Prik King:

A popular dish in Thailand, it consists of chicken, red and green onions, tomatoes, and bell pepper stir-fried with garlic and chili paste until the ingredients are soft. The dish is then put in a steamer pot with an egg over easy on top of the chicken. The result is a finished dish similar to what we would see at any Thai restaurant.

8) Som Tam:

Som tam is a popular Thai salad made up of pickled chilies, herbs, and groundnuts which are smothered in tamarind sauce. The finished product is served over lettuce with chopped peanuts or dried shrimp on the side.

9) Kaeng Kua Gai:

A curry made from chicken, tomatoes, wild ginger leaves, lemongrass stalks, and coconut milk. It’s seasoned with salt, peanuts, sugar, and chilies which are all blended in together to achieve the desired taste. The finished product is garnished with cilantro before being served in a bowl with rice on the side.

10) Moo Paan:

This extremely popular Thai dish originated in Bangkok during the Ayutthaya period. It’s a pork dish that is flavored using lemongrass stalks, galanga leaves, and coriander root which are blended together to give it an aromatic flavor. The finished product is served with plantain leaves; cucumber slices, and pickled garlic. If you already know where you want to go, booking your Thailand holiday package can be done in just a few minutes on OIOTravel’s website. Simply give us a call or drop in an email to OiO Travel Pvt. Ltd. We offer extremely affordable and extensively flexible packages for Thailand tours.

I hope you enjoyed this article on Thai food! Way to go Thailand! If you’re curious about our favorite Thai dish please check out this article. Stay tuned for more great posts written by me! You can also keep up with me on Instagram @rajeevranjandm if you want to hear about the latest posts.


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