How to choose a HIPAA Compliant Communication API

How to choose a HIPAA Compliant Communication API

In today’s fast-paced milieu, digitalization is gaining a lot of relevance. Almost every industry is leveraging tech tools to meet their communication requirements in these, pandemic-affected, virtual times. Thanks to HIPAA which is shifting the healthcare sector towards the idea of strong and effective digital communication networks. In this article, we shall understand how you can choose a HIPAA Compliant Communication API for remote healthcare practices.

Towards Smarter Patient Care with Patient Centred HIPAA Secure Texting

Doctors, nurses and other medical staff supports HIPAA compliant chat sdk as it is easy to use with high convenience. Carry out personalized patient care by building HIPAA compliant personalized in-chat messaging apps. It ensures better digital interaction between healthcare professionals and patients.

What is HIPAA and How is it Useful? 

  • Well, HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The basic idea behind the establishment of HIPAA was to protect patient’s data and keep it safe and confidential.
  • With technology dominating a major part of digital healthcare communication, protection of data privacy becomes essential. This is where HIPAA comes into play.
  • The HIPAA Security Rule provides a set of security standards that tend to protect electronic protected health information.  It is essential to have a HIPAA compliant solution to improve electronic patient communication. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act. It helps in safe exchange of electronic protected health information (ePHI) between doctors, hospitals and other staff members.
  • Studies suggest that there were around 616data breaches identified by the HSS’ Office for Civil Rights in 2020. And where multiple healthcare records were compromised which has made HIPAA compliant texting essential for medical professionals.

Choosing HIPAA Compliant Texting API Amplifies Healthcare Communication! Let’s See What’s the challenge? 

  • The main challenge lies in selecting the right HIPAA communication channel for yourself. Most of the doctor patient communication apps are provided by third parties.
  • There can be serious risks of non-compliance.  Studies says 6.2% of Protected Healthcare Information(PHI) breaches are done by undisclosed entities and about 53% is to the internal medical staff. PHI breaches can be prevented if you choose a communication solution as HIPAA compliant.
  • Protected Health Information(PHI) is turning totally digital. It becomes all the more important to store data in a HIPAA-compliant way and promote the idea of data security.
  • The absence of encryptions remains a challenge to choose the HIPAA communication channel. The communication channel should be well-secured to give way to effective healthcare interactions taking place on digital platforms.

Best ways to Choose a HIPAA Compliant Communication Platform 

Do you want to learn the best tips for choosing HIPAA-compliant text messaging apps? Fret not! We are at your rescue. We can help you understand the best methods for selecting your HIPAA compliant communication channel. Stay with us!

Step by Step Guide to Select HIPAA Compliant Communication Solution

  1. Look for safe and accessible HIPAA compliant chat apps: Make sure that the chat solution is easy to access and confidential enough to protect the relevant private details of patients. It helps you meet patient’s requirements for quality and accessible communication.
  2. Ensure the availability 
  3. Ensure the availability of multiple SDKs: It is essential for the app to be accessible on all types of devices. It should be successfully accessible on Android, iOS, web and desktops.
  4. Search for set services: There are various security features to choose your HIPAA compliant chat solution. Some of them are:
    •  End-to-end encryption
    • Perfect patient timeouts sessions
    • I’ll Detailed audit features
    •  Well-managed accessibility
  5. Ensure integration with the latest: The unique chat solution should include integration with the latest tools and technology. Some of them being voice and video calling integrations.

to build your own HIPAA compliant chat solution, there are certain points that should be taken care of. Let’s dig into some of the points that you should consider to develop your HIPAA compliant chat.

Development of HIPAA Compliant in-app Chat Involves the Mix of 3 Things:

  • Advanced technology
  • Proper training of staff
  • Physical security of all relevant data

What to Look for to Develop HIPAA Compliant Communication API?

There are two things that you need to take care of developing a HIPAA compliant chat solutions. They are as follows:

  • It is important to meet the HIPAA security requirements.
  • The chat solution should be easily accessible and should support ongoing development.

It is very Important to Meet Certain Technical Requirements Developing a HIPAA Compliant Chat Solution. Here are some of them: 

  • Ensure safe and secured transmissions. It is important to build a tamper-proof messaging solution. It should include some specific care instructions.
  • Make sure that the chat solutions have secured logins. There should be access controls as well. You can go for two-way authentication.
  • The chat solution should include timed sign out features. It prevents unauthorized access if the device stays idle for a long time.
  • The HIPAA compliant chat solution should be able to audit controls. Administrators should be able to check patients’ access and activities.
  • Make sure that your HIPAA compliant communication platform includes technical safeguards. It can lead to effective and efficient patient care and smooth doctor-patient communication.

Not only Patient-Friendly, Mobile-Friendly too! – 

Did you know there are 5.22 billion smartphone users in the world? According to the report, 66% of the total global population are mobile-users. This clearly supports the fact why it is essential to build a HIPAA compliant app is mobile-friendly.

Here are a Few Reasons to Show How in- app is the Best  HIPAA Compliant Communication Platform Mobile-Friendly:

  • Authentication for login
  • Unique ID for each user
  • Retention of chats and other relevant data
  • Secured media file sharing & many more.

Some of the above Features can be Utilized in HIPAA SMS Compliant Communication Platforms. 

It is said that email is one of the best tried methods of mobile communications. It lacks real-time conversations and end-end encryption. HIPAA compliant email communication can solve it all.

  • It can perform end-to-end encryption.
  • Helps get automatic log off
  • Retains messages for longer period of time

Trust on HIPAA Compliant Communication Platforms to Build the Best Mobile Communication Strategies.  

Pave the way to safe & happy communication with patients – Use HIPAA secure texting

It is essential for doctors, nurses, and other staff members to focus on enhancing the patient-user experience.  Here are some ways you can promote patient-centered communication.

  • Consider the patient’s inputs and thoughts seriously.
  • Try to be extremely accessible and friendly with patients.
  • Avoid using jargon for communication

Protecting the privacy of your patients should be one of your top priorities in these digital times. Secured communication gives way to patient satisfaction and helps in establishing a meaningful connection with your patient.

Give way to the best patient care with HIPAA secure texting.


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